Chief Executive
Plant scientist and patent attorney with 20+ years of experience helping plant breeders protect their cultivars and bring them to markets worldwide.

Genetics & Agronomics
Ethnobotanist, author, plant breeder and agronomist with 30+ years experience in global Cannabis development. Co-Founder of HortaPharm BV, Netherlands.

Business Development
(pronounced Nee-sha) Author, business development, and consultant with 15 years in strategic planning, branding, communications and project management.

Breeder’s Best is led by a team of people who genuinely care about Cannabis breeders, breeding, and medicines.

Medical Director
Board-certified neurologist with 20+ years of experience in Cannabis medicine, helping patients, and researching medicinal properties of the plant.


Horticulture & Cultivation
Expert in plant breeding & developer of multiple successful cultivars. Decades of cultivation, facility design and international consulting experience.


Planning & Supply Chain
Strategist leading business and production planning, R&D, and product development for Cannabis and other crops nationwide; graduate research in bioethics and emerging scientific technologies.


Sales & Marketing
Sales and logistics management roles in multiple startup companies with 12 years of experience in marketing, investment sales, global cash and risk management.