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CBG Seeds - Breeder's Best

Rare & Unique High CBG Seeds

hemp, cannabis seeds, grains

Exclusively available here, Breeder’s Best is now accepting bids for purchase of high CBG seeds for the “Anomaly” variety ranging from 11-15% CBG virtually undetectable levels of THC and CBD.

This unique and rare variety (strain) was developed and bred from a single unique hemp plant discovered in a hemp field in Manassa, Colorado in 2018.

This plant was pollinated by a high CBD plant from which 22 seeds were produced before the end of her life cycle. Over two years, through crossing, selfing, back-crossing and crossing again, then testing thousands of seedlings this variety has been stabilized to produce high CBG, virtually no THC and high percentages of unique medicinally active terpenes which include myrcene, a-pinene, limonene, b-pinene, beta-caryophyllene, nerolidol, citronellol and more. Through genetic sequencing by Medicinal Genomics, *Anomaly has been confirmed to carry a double-mutant in the main synthesis pathways of both THC and CBD, explaining the consistent near-zero levels of THC and CBD.

This variety and these seeds are the subject of a pending US patent application with all related international IP rights reserved and will come with a license which will provide freedom to operate.

Only 350,000 seeds are available now.  Two million seeds will be available in Fall 2021.  The seeds are:

  • High CBG
  • Virtually undetectable CBD and THC
  • Powdery Mildew Resistant
  • Early to mid-season finish
  • Hybrid indica-dominant phenotype
  • Thick, sturdy stems for wind-resistance
  • High germination rate >98%
  • Feminized seeds with rate of 1 male/5000
  • Super rapid and vigorous growth out of the husk
  • High terpene producer.


# Seeds:350,000 available now
Yield/acre:1000-4000 lbs. depending on water and climate
Germination rate99% – Feminized seeds. Less than 1 male per 5000 plants
Powdery Mildew ResistantYES
TerpenesMyrcene, a-Pinene, & Limonene dominant
Floor Price$1/seed

Acquisition Details

  1. Please fill out the form on this page to submit your bid.
  2. Bid submission deadline is 5pm PST July 23, 2021.
  3. Buyers will be required to sign a material transfer agreement which prohibits seed collection, breeding and cloning with this variety.
  4. All parties will be notified on July 20th if they are a bid winner or will be placed on the wait list for the fall seeds.
  5. Send questions to [email protected] .
  6. The floor price is $1 per seed.

This variety and these seeds are the subject of a pending US patent application with all related international IP rights reserved.